Since February 2020, I work at MF Norwegian School of Theology Religion and Society, where I am responsible for a one-year course in the social sciences. Before, I taught in a master’s programme in international education and development at Oslo Metropolitan University. Thus, I moved from discussing challenging theories with advanced students to facilitating students’ first encounter with academia – and I (have) enjoy(ed) both roles. Wherever possible, I seek to integrate the questions and topics that drive my own work into my teaching. For example, I am looking forward to discussing the decolonisation of (Norwegian) academia with my students this spring semester. I also hope to motivate some of my earlier master students to write for the “What Kind of Education” blog. My favourite classes contain engaged discussions that leave both my students and me with some new food for thought. These are some of the topics I teach on :

Education/Development/Social Sciences:
– Struggles and Resistance against Colonialism, oppression, dominant world views and dominant knowledge systems (Césaire, Fanon, Freire, Said…)
– Indigenous knowledges and education in the global South
– Decolonisation of academia and knowledge production
– Globalisation/North-South relations
– Sustainable Development/planetary survival

– Decolonising and indigenous research methodologies
– Positionality
– Participatory action research
– qualitative data analysis
– research ethics

Master supervision
Sunniva Åndestad (2018). How has #Feesmustfall affected students in Cape Town? The Role of Racial Division in the #FeesMustFall Movement. Exploring students’ personal experiences of the protests and the racial division in the #FeesMustFall movement in South Africa. Oslo Metropolitan University: Faculty of Education.

Regina Young (2018). A theoretical and conceptual exploration of the relation between Global Architecture of Education and Life Skills development for refugee girls. Oslo Metropolitan University: Faculty of Education.

Linn Elfrida Hepsø (2017). Sex workers way to empowerment through education. Master thesis in Multicultural and International Education. Oslo Metropolitan University: Faculty of Education.

Nora Talleraas Hollekim (2017). Community based research – A case study of ontological dynamics in developmental collaboration with rural women in Karamoja. Oslo and Akershus University College: Faculty of Education.

Oda Mari Skaanes (2017). School Violence and a Culture of Violence – How can we make a change? A Case Study on School Violence at a School in the Cape Flats, South Africa. Oslo and Akershus University College: Faculty of Education.

Cynthia Ah-pew (2016) Exploring Quality Education in Mauritian Primary Schools. A case from a ZEP school. Oslo and Akershus University College: Faculty of Education.

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